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The Liberty Day Institute

Colorado State Capitol
Founded in 1996, the Liberty Day Institute is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit with the express purpose to enhance and strengthen civil society by fostering among the younger generations of Americans knowledge about, understanding of, and appreciation for freedom, opportunity, and our nation’s founding documents.

Our longest-running program, now called Liberty Day in the Classroom, is our core civic education effort. Since 1996, the program has offered teaching materials, resources, and speakers on the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution to students and teachers, with an emphasis on 5th graders learning about government for the very first time. This nonpartisan project brings Democrats and Republicans together in the common cause of constitutional government and civic education.

Through the year ‘round program, the Liberty Day Institute provides our signature Constitution booklet with Q&A flashcards inside, now accompanied by this array of web-based videos and resources for educators developed in partnership with our nonpartisan Curriculum Advisory Council. We also arrange inspirational visits to state capitols, college campuses, and other locations, where 5th grade students quiz legislators, lobbyists, students, faculty, and visitors on the Constitution.

Reinvigorating Constitutional eLearning

Jefferson Quincy Washington III, Esq
Since our inception in 1996, our approach to Constitution education has continued to evolve. We continue to believe that providing students with the pride of ownership of their own copy of the Constitution with review flashcards, offering them a chance to interact with volunteers, and fostering parental involvement are fundamental to a successful education. After all, it’s what has successfully driven Liberty Day for many years.

Yet we also acknowledge the importance of staying ahead of the curve and meeting students and teachers where they are at in the Digital Age. Introducing this new generation to the Constitution and the beauty of our system of American governance requires new techniques and strategies - and Liberty Day Institute is ready to meet the challenge.

With the rapid pace of technology culminating in educational change, we always strive to keep up with the times. Ours is a strategic approach which is increasingly focused on and driven toward innovation, and with it the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies. Our intention is to continue honing on an effective and creative system that will more firmly establish Liberty Day Institute as a leading provider of Constitution curriculum and educational products—what we call the “Complete Educational Resource Package”—for schools and school districts.

Questions, Answered!
Whether our materials are coupled with volunteer programs (the ideal scenario) and funded in part or entirely by a foundation or organizational partner, or they are ordered at low cost by school districts, schools, and teachers themselves, we intend to build upon these new innovations to realize our long-held vision of “a Constitution in every pocket.”

The Online Liberty Day Classroom

We are very excited to launch this brand-new, web-based, Liberty Day Classroom. With this website, you will be able to access materials and resources for both yourself and your students. Your students will be able to walk step-by-step through lessons, videos, and assessments. And each assessment is tied in with a built-in grading system for ease of scoring multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank quizzes, short answer questions, and essay responses. As an educator, you may create as many 5th grade classes as you need, but note that your account expires six (6) months after you first activate it.

To create a new Account, you will need your own Access Code, which is contained in our Teacher Resource Packet. If you have not received a Resource Packet or an Access Code, you will need to request one by emailing Office@LibertyDay.org in a state where we have a grant or place an order online at www.LibertyDay.org and click on “Shop.”